About Us

We at, MOHINA ECO SOLUTIONS are pioneers in the Bio methanisation field past 8 years. Our philosophy is based on the dictum that 'Nothing Should Go Waste" Mohina Eco Solutions have extensive experience of installation and operations, having established large number of bio gas plants (0.5cumt TO 1000cumt) throughout south India.

Mohina eco solutions are doing good work of promoting bio gas from kitchen Waste, Night Soil and Cow Dung which will not only save this earth from further pollution but will help consumers to get used to this eco friendly gas. Mohina Eco Solutions are doing readymade & constructive type bio gas plants.

Sintex Super Stockist for Tamilnadu. Sintex BIOGAS Plant from 0.5 cubic to 1000 Cubic meters readymede plant, fixed doom type & floating type.

In line with our innovative past, we have developed biogas plants that are transformational for our nation owing to five major benefits that they deliver:

  • Cooking Energy
  • Organic Manur
  • Health Improvement
  • Sanitation and Waste Managemen
  • Saving of time

Besides the above major gains, there are additional benefits like:

  • Checking deforestation

Salient Features:

  • Ready-to use
  • Quick installation
  • Require less space
  • Re-locatable
  • Can be installed both above/under ground
  • Maintenance free